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What to wear as a steward and personal ID

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Stewards clothing is, more or less, a universal uniform. Black trousers, white shirt, normally a black tie, which may be issued by their employer, might be issued by the stadium or the venue that they work in. Always black shoes and not always boots, combat boots, or steel toe cap boots are a no-no. I always say to stewards who are working for the first time, that they should buy the most comfortable shoes. Not the most fashionable, not the best looking, the most comfortable and then wear them a lot before they start, because comfortable feet, warm feet is an essential for the duty. So they will wear that as a basic uniform, but they will also be given high vis jackets, possibly hats, possibly gloves, depending on the event, but the high vis jacket will vary from event to event, company to company, but they will always be a high vis, always have a number, and always have their job title on the back.

Some places will make the ID, for example, a wrist band, like you will get at a concert and that wrist band would change colour. Other places have identification around the neck. Other places will have more like a credit card that will swipe at the door and that will enable them access into the stadium. So it's not one rule fits everyone, but anyone starting stewarding, when they are briefed, they will be told what their accreditation is, what the accreditations that are accepted among the audience is. So they know who to let in to where, a little bit like a concert access-all areas or access-only the stadium bowl, for example, but it is certainly not one-size-fits-all. It varies.