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What emergency equipment and professional help is available at events?

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The types of emergency equipment at different types of events could go from someone with a very basic first aid kit to, in some stadiums, fully-equipped hospitals. So it does vary on the size of the event, pretty much on the size of the crowd that is going to be there. But the typical event would have first aiders with their shoulder bag equipped with all the first aid gear they need. There are emergency telephones. There is AEDs around, so the equipment is on site and it is just how much of it and how many people have got immediate access to it. But probably 30 seconds away from any equipment you need.

Always certainly, somewhere like this, at Queens Park Rangers, the emergency services would include a doctor. They would include ambulance service on-site. Professional emergency services at events have got a role to make sure that the crowd is looked after properly. The stewarding plan and the safety certificate for somewhere like QPR here, they require a doctor to be present at every match and there would be ambulance staff at every match as well.

The stewards are not necessarily expected to do first aid. They are more into casualty management, and there are a number of first aiders on site who would deal with that instant after the steward has done their initial first aid, protecting the casualty and making sure that they are made comfortable and tell the qualified first aid what has happened.

Every event will have a first aid room and that will be staffed by qualified first aiders. Increasingly now, more stewards will become trained at least in first aid, but the first aid room is typically where stewards are told to take people and make sure they are comfortable there, they are staffed and people are trained there ready to receive them.