Spectator Safety First Aid Level 2 (VTQ)

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Keeping safe as a steward

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The steward's first responsibility is their own safety. If they are not safe, no one else can be safe. So any instance where there might be a casualty, the steward has to do what we call a dynamic risk assessment. They have had their risk assessment in their briefing, they have got to acknowledge that the times change, situations change, the crowd moves. It is very dynamic, so they have got to do this dynamic risk assessment where things might have changed and they have got to look at that situation and make sure they are safe. But it is their first responsibility is their own safety.

The safety concerns that stewards have to be aware of when they come across an incident that requires first aid, after their own safety, they have got to make sure that their colleagues are safe. And there is always a crowd present, so they have got to make sure that no other member of the crowd becomes a casualty as well. It is not unusual for ice to form on stairs in the winter. If people slip on that, the steward has got an awful lot of things to do, all at once. They have got to protect the casualty, protect themselves, protect other people, call for qualified assistance, make sure no one else ends up in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. So there are a number of things that they have got to think about in any incident.