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The EMS at large events - a medical professional's answer: The EMS at large events

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In this video, we ask a medical professional: What planning is involved of the emergency medical services at large events?

So most medical services at large events are usually pre-planned. They all consist of those emergency medical services that are actually already on scene. Now, these may well be private providers or first aid volunteers, but there will always be a lead for that event and you should have received a briefing about the event, how long it is going to last, what the incident management procedures are, where and who to report to should an event occur.

In some cases, events code words are used in order to convey information across a tannoy. So you might find things like "code blue" or "code red" or "will Mr. Brown report to control". And these are codes words that is used. These should all be contained in the briefing. You should make good notes at the briefing if you have not already got a copy of the written plan so that you can refer back to it.