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Child AED

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We have looked at CPR and explained that CPR alone does not start the heart and that you need to use an AED. The AED may be provided by the EMS, community responder, the business, or they are often situated in public places such as airports, etc. This is the third link in the chain of survival, and with a little training can be carried out by the first aider.  

The AED works the same way for children, the difference is that you place the pads on the chest and on the back opposite between the shoulder blades. You will need to remove the child's clothes to ensure the pad sticks directly to the skin.

There are special Child AED pads, but if these are not available, then use an adult set. AED units are not very successful on children, as they rarely suffer from VF. The problem with using adult pads can be that the AED unit does not know that it is shocking a child, and therefore it may use the algorithm for adults and not a child. There are no such things as infant pads. If you have an infant in cardiac arrest, then continue CPR until the medical services arrive.

Learning Outcomes:
  • IPOSi Unit two LO1.5 & 2.4