Spectator Safety First Aid Level 2 (VTQ)

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Crowd crush injury prevention

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Preventing people getting into a small space is particularly difficult for some stewards at some events, because people arrive at different times. But half time is always at the same time, and everyone will want to go to this toilet, get a drink, get something to eat. So there is often local overcrowding at some of those places in a venue. So the stewards need to make sure people don't move too quickly to those places, and if they do congregate in large numbers, there is some form of maybe barrier or cordon system, where the crowd that is gathering can be managed in a way that means people can walk past without too much pushing and shoving and without too much obstruction. If it's something that is common all the time, every match, then the safety officer would look at that and put some contingencies in place, which could involve further barriers or deploy more stewards around the areas, just before the time that the crowds are expected, in order to manage that crowd movement better.